Friday, April 13, 2012

Press Releases, Critiques & Creativity Coaching

Welcome! If you are here then I am guessing that you have written or are writing a book. It's a wonderful and creative undertaking and also, at times, a pretty daunting and solitary experience. It was the urge to break the solitude that led us here. We're a diverse bunch but we discovered that with all our different skills we were able to pool our talents and take the stress out of a lot of the added extras that come when you want to launch your book on the world.

For example I was the kind of writer who was happier having as little as possible to do with social media. Along came Tammie Clarke Gibbs who taught me about twitter and hootsuite and such techie things and now I've become quite the tweeter!

In return I offer a few services, namely: Press Release Creation, Critique Services and Mentoring/Creativity Coaching.

But you are probably wondering what qualifies me to advise you?

I have 20 years experience in Corporate Public Relations and Marketing, have a Masters Degree in English and run a small publishing press.

I also branched out a few years ago and trained as a BioEnergy therapist and personal growth mentor.  These may seem like very different areas but in fact they all merge, as authors often need mentoring and advice on self promotion and business clients need writing and editing services.

Whether writing for clients or working on my own projects, my work is still 70% writing. The BioEnergy part I do because I love to do it!

I have been published and have self published and mainly write inspirational fiction. However my current work is both on a book about the healing methods I use and a series of children's books for the seven year old age group.

If you want to see more about my books: Dance with Life or Angel Prayers and Messages, then please visit my blog

Book Critique Service
On Kindle the reader does not have the opportunity to pick up and hold your book so the decision to purchase rests on a few important elements. A strong cover and informative and attention grabbing blurb gets them to the door but what will lead them though that door to make a purchase? The first page of your book is what! It really is your most important hook for the prospective reader.

Does your book engage the reader from the first line? Are your opening paragraphs strong enough for a reader to trust that you are going to be worth their effort? Will they want to read on?

I offer critiques of the first three chapters of your book. If there are problems with any elements of the writing they will show up in these early stages and be indicative of issues that will need tweaking in the rest of the book.

I will provide an evaluation under the following categories:


Language use



Story arc


Read on rating

A critique service is $50.00 and the turnaround is approximately two weeks.

Press Release Service

Do you need help in coming up with news release ideas that could help promote your book?
I can help you to create an informative release for media use and for use on your own website or blog.

All you have to do is answer the questions below and email them to me and I can work with you to create a concise and interesting story.


Who are you? Where do you work and where do you live?

Have you had any unusual life experiences in the past?

What, if anything, in your own life inspired you to write the kind of book you have written.

What is your book about? Describe this in a maximum of three sentences.

What genre is your book?

What well known writers/books inspired you?

Does your book feature any real world places or any places local to where you live?

Where can people buy your book?


The fee for one release is $40.00.  
Turnaround time is approximately one week.

Mentoring Service

Are you at a crossroads in your life?

Do you need advice on personal or business promotions?

Are you experiencing writer's block?

Are you prepared for success? (This question might surprise you but many people don’t realise that subconsciously they can fear success almost as much as they fear failure!)

Are you developing your creativity fully and to your best advantage?

A mentoring session will cover all of the above and more. Together we can look at what you want to achieve and how you will set a plan in place to achieve your goals. We will work at removing any blocks that stand in your way and at unlearning any negative or faulty thinking patterns that might be holding you back.

Sessions last one hour and are conducted via skype. The hourly rate is $65.00

For more information please contact me via the form on the right.
Payment accepted: Paypal